September 2007

On my recent trip to Kyoto, I had the pleasure to stay in your Machiya. What a great alternative to staying in a hotel. It was just beautiful with its hardwood floors and old wooden beams! I especially liked the sunken floor under the kotatsu in the living room. The western style washroom and kitchen were very convenient, and sleeping on Japanese futons, made the whole experience perfect. It overall gave me a feel for the way of life in Japan in the old days!

The location was also perfect. Being on an old cobble stone alley in the heart of the tourist district, we were able to walk to shops, sightseeing and restaurants. In a big city, it was so nice not to have to depend on transportation.

I especially want to thank Miho for all of her help. She was great in making suggestions about the best places to visit and where to eat! Arigato.

I will definitely be recommending this place to my friends in Tokyo.

Kento Hashimoto, Tokyo