September/October 2011

"今日は Miho さん"

My wife and I stayed at Maeniiya at the end of September/early October, and I have been reminiscing by reading your blog and looking once again at the website. We were only there for a couple of days, but we very much enjoyed our time in the Machiya. It was clean, comfortable and well located. Your check in and welcome was friendly and informative and the use of the bicycles was appreciated. Kyoto is a very interesting city and we hope to return some day and continue our exploration – there is so much more to see and experience. Thanks to you and Akemi for your friendly, helpful attitude and great accommodation.


"Wonderful Kyoto Machiya Experience"

Maeniiya was exactly what we needed in Kyoto. It has great location, close to everything we wanted. We particularly enjoyed our short walks to and from Nishiki Market and its surrounding areas. Since this is our third or fourth time in Kyoto, we didn't visit many temples and shrines except for Kiyomizu Temple, our favourite, but if you're in reasonable shape, you can readily walk or cycle to many tourist spots in the city. Subway, bus, and train lines are close by making day trips to Nara, Arashiyama, Uji and other places very easy too. Having two bicycles at our disposal was ideal. We cycled for 40 min to a flea market one day and immensely enjoyed the experience. The machiya itself is well-maintained and comfortable, equipped with modern appliances and amenities. High-speed Wi-Fi internet access was greatly appreciated as we could check our e-mails and use Skype for local and international calls as well. Miho-san was extremely helpful in making our stay in Kyoto more informed and enjoyable. We highly recommend Maeniiya to those who are tired of staying in the same old hotel but are hesitant to spend several nights in a row at a high priced Japanese-style hotel (ryokan) where you must gorge on a large amount of food twice a day everyday. Kyoto is truly a beautiful city and staying in a machiya rental is the way to go.

Toronto, ON, Canada